New Series


Instinctual Demands

Such solid solitude
Encroached onto my thin shoulders
It makes me alive, brings me life
Makes me aware
Of things
Of pleas
Of shouts
Of other solitudes
Nothing escapes - not a scrap
everything gets tinged
inescapably crushed yet vitalized, all alone
Looking up expectantly and remembering
That there is no one to wait for
....just keeping up the good work:
building walls
protecting a soft heart with thorns of anger
flashing badges of fear
starting fires in the belly
drinking sweet alcohol
scaring off loneliness and
holding tight to being alone.... instinctual demands
Dreams build on nonsense
Waiting, waiting, hoping, waiting
A charging cavalry of one
while freaking out
loosing ground, loosing my mind
Underneath these lonely layers
so much lonely
so very much alone-ness
aloof-ness, state of dreamless-ness