My Trustworthiness: quality and choices

Abundance of choice
Choice of medium offered through the site is simply unsurpassed in the current market. Depending on your decorating needs, visual board projections and personal style you can choose to print each work in stretch canvas, loose canvas, metal white, metal clear, fine art paper, matte paper, glossy photo paper, metallic photo paper, wall decal, screen film print, etc. Equally impressive are the style choices regarding canvas options. You can choose mirror image, image overflow and border color of your choice opting for standard wrap .75-inch or gallery wrap 1.5-inch.
Wall Preview option is an innovative, truly useful feature that allows you to view the work in a real-life setting in order to better judge  its dimensions. The wall preview option includes living room, bedroom, kid’s room, (home) office, and restaurant.
Another very convenient feature is the option of having your artwork framed for you. This way you avoid the hustle of having to look for one yourself.                      

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