My Promise: work with me- don't just buy from me

I am open to one-on-one communication concerning the piece purchased to answer all those “but what does this really mean” questions that abstract art invites from the uninitiated as well as the experts. I can provide you with an explanatory list of technical and aesthetic details of the piece that will make its enjoyment a true act of connoisseurship instead of a vacuous purchase.
Most importantly, I am willing and available to work directly with you to customize your order. I understand that art means different things to different people and while some hang art on their walls to open a window into imaginary territory others need to match their art piece to the color of the living room wall. As the sole creator and owner of all images exhibited on Odeta Xheka Visuals site, I can work directly with you and tweak the image to your specifications before sending it to print. P.S. dear interior designer I don't need to tell you how wall art brings the room together by serving as a focal point and a clear statement of refined taste. But, I can tell you that by working with me your project will have my undivided attention and willingness to work alongside your team. I am an experienced artist so you will get the benefit of high quality, unique, original artworks which can be printed in multiple verified archival materials and sizes to better serve your project's needs. I am interested and invested in home design and I understand intimately the needs and demands of a profession in which a last minute change of heart from your client forces your hand into unforeseen choices. P.S.S. dear fellow "I should have been an interior designer instead" we both know that artwall is what makes the difference in a well executed home styling project. I am willing to extend a listening ear and offer free advice when you find yourself debating various wall decoration options. The choice is yours to make in each case but an extra pair of eyes and a little help on the way never hurt anyone. Au contraire, my fellow home decorating aficionado.