My Artistic credo

As a reaction, I have started to explore photographing carefully staged artistic compositions that combine my love of innocent color and ethereal structure with a stronger sense of social responsibility through digital intervention. To this purpose I am also involved in raising awareness about the fact that art is not elitist, it is not an indulgence. I fully understand than in these desperate times, there are certainly more pressing imperatives than making the world more beautiful to look at but to decline to make it more beautiful when it is in your power to do so is a grotesque misunderstanding of reacting under hardship. After all, the environments we surround ourselves with have the power to shape our thoughts and our emotions. As a matter of fact, when we sacrifice the possibility of art/decoration we forfeit a slew of extraordinary aesthetic tools and forgo the possibility of incredible visual experiences. Who Am I: Interested in the power of art to educate, I hold my BA in History of Art from the American College of Greece, Athens, Greece and my MA in Higher Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, New York . Although for the past few years I have focused on raising my family, I have continued to produce work that aims to subvert the familiar contradiction between romantic introspection and conceptual rationalism. My canvases, as well as digital images try to decipher the various ways that a lived reality and an emotional truth can be represented. To better my understanding of my craft I have participated in acclaimed workshops where I have studied with fellow artists. My work is included in several collections and am working on a private commission.